Children's & Maternity Consignment | 191 East 3rd Street, NYC | 212-677-0380

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As seen in Colin Beavan's No Impact Man - The Adventures of a Guilty Liberal Who Attempts to Save the Planet and the Discoveries He Makes About Himself and Our Way of Life in the Process  (Farrar Strauss, New York 2009)

A frigid February day, and we are out in the East Village, a half-hour walk from our house. It is Isabella's birthday and we go to Jane's Exchange, a children's second-hand clothing store to let Isabella choose her present. We let her pick anything she wants. Anything. She chooses a pair of shiny gold slippers and nothing else.
"Are you sure honey? You can have anything."
"I want the gold slippers."
"There are toys and all sorts of clothes. "But you can have anything."
"I want the gold slippers."
They cost two dollars.

Here is an early 2009 piece from on
Parents TV, featuring Jane's Exchange. (Sorry about the advertisement in the beginning.)

This East Village institution is the largest children's and maternity consignment shop in Manhattan. Look for lightly used items by brands like Hanna Andersson and Oilily.


Excellent Thrift for Kids - Five Star Rating-World Class

Toys, fancy clothes, and books. You can find it all at Jane's exchange. Their stuff is perfectly clean and presented like a fancy boutique. I love it here and always find something for kids - especially babies.
First Review! Posted 11/24/08


"Jane's Exchange is often described as one of the city's best consignment shops for children's clothing.  The store is so beloved by the community that a neighborhood 11-year old generously donated his Brio train set for the store's children play area, which also boasts a really cool wooden kitchen (made by a local East Villager), and a wooden beaded roller coaster for the littler ones.  The store carries children's (infancy - teens) and maternity clothes, furniture, ExcerSaucers, bouncy seats, carriages, shoes, boots, books, videos, toys, games, and more.

Sellers should call for an appointment - the store accepts only good-condition, gently-used clothes and equipment. Maternity and nursing clothes may also be consigned."

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New York Magazine
Best of New York 2007
"Jane’s sells gently worn—and sometimes never worn—kidswear and maternity clothes. With leggings for as little as a dollar, broken-in Gap jeans for $7, and a brand-new Absorba snowsuit for $30, why pay retail? Be sure to check out the kids’ shoe nook, where you can get deals on pre-owned European footwear. If you’ve got spotless clothes to unload, you’ll get a store credit worth 30 percent of the selling price."   


Like the mighty Phoenix, the world's best consignment store for kids' clothing and gear has resurrected itself from the ashes of a lost lease. Those who've been on the receiving end of a clerk's stink eye for such offenses as nursing in a commercial establishment, or asking if one's crotch-clutching, hopping toddler can use a store's bathroom will feel like they're sinking into a warm bath. If you forget about the financial transaction, it's almost like getting hand-me-downs from a really friendly, super cool European mom whose kids don't blow out the knees of their jeans the way my kids do! (Of course my kids' jeans were her kids' jeans to begin with...)