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Organic Shea Butter
I hope you enjoy my products, and I look forward to your questions and comments. Visit my website, www.sheabutter.net and feel free to send me an email at amikole@sheabutter.net

Multi-Pure Water Filters 
for sale through Jane's Exchange
Safe Drinking Water - But Without Plastic  
We have decided to get involved in the sale of water filters. Looking around for a product we would feel comfortable being associated with, we have decided to become a distributor for Multi-Pure drinking water filtration systems.  For more information on Multi-Pure visit >>

Ciao For Now 
Just nine blocks north on 523 East 12th Street, Ciao For Now is one of the East Village's culinary marvels and a place we cherish. Whether you need catering for an events or you're just looking for a friendly place where you can have a cup of coffee with some neighbors, Kevin, Amy and their friendly staff are the people to go to. The meals, desserts and snacks are delicious, healthy and freshly made or baked. It's the perfect place to bring your child after school for a wholesome cupcake.  http://ciaofornow.net