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Eva Dorsey and Gayle Raskin, co-owners of Jane's Exchange


Consignment is a great way to reuse/recycle clothing and other products, shop on credit, and enjoy a unique variety of new and gently used items at affordable prices.



TUESDAY - THURSDAY  10:00 - 6:00

FRIDAY 10:30 - 6:30



Jane’s Exchange is a business owned by 2 women who are also the mothers of 3 daughters.  When we say “Not Our President”, it is because we want it recognized that Trump is not a man who reflects our principles, values and beliefs. Over the years we have fought hard to achieve certain rights for women, particularly, but not exclusively, the right to live free of sexual violence and abuse, and the right to control our own bodies. It should come as no great surprise that under this new administration we fear these gains will be lost, and more importantly the dignity and self worth of all women will be challenged and degraded. It’s unfathomable to us that anyone could cast a vote for such an unapologetic and dangerous predator.  We are proud to take a stand against this incoming administration and what they represent.




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Gift Certificates!

Gift Certificates are now available online for shopping in our store in the East Village!

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This is a great gift for a new mom, dad, or mom-to-be. Choose the amount you would like to give and we will mail a beautifully typeset card on high-quality paper to the recipient.

Jane's Exchange Tote Bag

13.5 X 14 sturdy duck fabric with long handle--for carrying on your shoulder!

Silhouette is deep purple/background is white